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Refine your story

We all tell ourselves a story about who we are. Is yours an empowering story that supports and encourages your well-being? Or is it self-limiting, critical or unkind in some way? Perhaps it’s a story that needs some refinement, rather than a complete rewrite.

Whatever your story, the more times you tell it, the more you will believe it. And by accepting it, you will unconsciously shape your life around it.

How would your life be different if you could begin to evolve your story?


Many of us learn about the external environment - the new games, phones, cars, gadgets, animals, friends, planets, cosmos...BUT...we never look inside to get to know ourselves and how we really function.

When we dare to look inside often we put a prism that tends to twist the real 'Me' and show the unreal view of 'You'. It is built on the perception of the surrounding environment or on the one that somebody or passed experience has created it. If we want to see the real 'Me', we have to clear the clutter, stabilize the emotional thermometer and clear the fog in the mind space. We have to change the prism and look through different lenses. Once we are able to see our past with a different perception we will be able to have a more transparent and more realistic view of 'Who am I?'.


Are you ready for Breakthrough???


The Breakthrough Journey is a mindset 12 weeks (or 3 months) one-on-one program that takes you to the core of your existence and helps you overcome any challenges and obstacles on an emotional and conscious level so that you can move forward with your life business and relationship.

These are the journey steps:

#1. We will start with a detailed Personal History since the moment you were born and maybe a bit before that.

#2. Then we will identify appropriate Meta Programs - you will find out what prism you look at the world with.

#3. This session is all about eliciting and evaluating your Values.

#4. Here we will do modification of the Values Hierarchy and will remove all internal conflicts.

#5. After fortifying the Mind-Set soil we will start planting. This session is all about setting clear and well-formed outcomes.

#6. We will check the reality and our options and we will build a strategy.

#7. And now starts the real work - the weed remover. Regular maintenance is an absolute must. We will release past negative emotions.

#8. Then we will release the limiting beliefs, too.

#9. It's time now to gather all the existing resources.

#10. To enforce the positive changes, we will anchor the new resource states to keep you going.

#11. We will clarify the intentions and create our vision board.

#12. It's time for action. We will plan it and you will execute it!


If you are ready to 'break through' the walls of your limitation & move forward in life book a FREE chat with me. It will take you 30 min to 60 min of your life. I cannot wait to take you on the journey to meet the real you! You will thank me later.


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