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Welcome beautiful Soul!

I am called Radka and I have been the founder of Beautiful Healthy Me since 2010.

It is a never ending journey. I started back then as a beauty and holistic therapist as I was following a childhood dream - to become a doctor and help others live without pains & dis-eases. But did I knew that my greatest teachers will be my two kids???


Juggling the life in a foreign country, while building the business with 2 kids with special needs was one of the biggest challenges that molded me into the person I am today.


There are 2 ways facing you at every single moment - either you open your inner eyes widely and awake, or you keep being part of the social ignorance and keep hoping that things will change.


And the truth is that things will never change until you change .... you change from inside out! 

Today I am an entrepreneurial aspiring yogini, mind-shifting transformational & business master coach, holistic therapist, healer, mother & wife. Simply called Holistic Master Coach!

All my life experiences prepared me to help people improve their well-being, living healthier and happier in all layers of existence, connecting body, mind & soul.

I offer my transformative work in collaboration with other professionals locally, and globally via the online space and in person. 

I am looking forward to connecting with you online or face-to-face!




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