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Energy Accelerator

  • 28дни
  • 30стъпки


The Energy Accelerator is all about the power of breath. You will learn 14 Pranayama techniques and their benefits and uses. Some breaths can cool us down, while others can fire us up and third can bring balance to the body. This is 14 days learning techniques, 7 days guided practice by Radka (she will demonstrate how you can combine the techniques for maximum benefits) and 7 days committed self-practice. Here are the breaths that we will cover: 1. Awareness of breath and body 2. Natural breathing 3. Abdominal breathing 4. Thoracic breathing 5. Clavicular breathing 6. Yogic breathing 7. Nadi Shodana 1 8. Nadi Shodana 2 9. Sheetali 10. Seetkari 11. Bhramari 12. Ujjayi 13. Bhastrika 14. Kapalabhati Those of you who join in the accelerator month (July, October 2024 or February 2025) will have my support in the form of messages and calls. You will also be challenged to film yourself live in the group and demonstrate your favorite technique to us in the final week. You'll also be able to participate live on Zoom during all podcast meetings for the month.

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