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Breathe With Awareness (in English)

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Looking for a way to boost your health and immunity and start a long-lasting routine? Tune into your breath and get ready to find complete balance and total Zen. This course is packed with ancient yogic breathing techniques that enhance balance. We can calm the body, emotions and mind instantly through the way we breathe. It has many benefits, including increased energy and cleansing the body of toxins. This course was recorded and delivered in 2021 and was my first ever online course. See how spotty my face was back then. Regular practice each day improve the condition of my skin immensely. Check out my face today. In this 10-day breathing journey, we will ease you into a routine and help you reap all of the benefits breathwork has to offer. Each day we will focus on an aspect that links our mind to our body, and breath to help you develop a practice that works for you! We will start by devoting just a few minutes a day for the first few days (preferably when you first wake in the am) and gradually work our way of breathing consciously for longer each day. We will learn how to tune into our breath, different breathing techniques, quieting the mind, noticing areas of tension and discomfort in the body, and discovering tools to become more aware of the way we breathe during the day. Each day we will practice bringing our attention to the sensations in our body, to the fluctuations in our mind, and to the quality of our breath so that we may find peace and awareness within ourselves.

Също можете да се присъедините към тази програма чрез мобилното приложение.


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Well-being Membership
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