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23.10.2023 г. - 6.11.2023 г.

Free 5 Days Experience 'Cash In The Passion'

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Be the captain of your own destiny! Welcome to the 5 days free experience "Cash in the Passion". This is your ultimate course to find out your inner gifts and spark your passion about what you love to do the most. Turning it into a profitable venture. Whether you have a hobby, a creative pursuit, or a special skill, this course is your one-stop resource for unlocking your inner entrepreneur and transforming your passion into a successful business. It is a free taster of what the actual 'Cash in the Passion' course will be like. Radka love testing things first before she invest in them. So she decided to create this free experience for you so you can have a feel about what it will be when you join her on the entrepreneur journey. In this experience we will cover a group live coaching session 'Align with your Passion', 5 powerful yoga techniques specifically designed for the entrepreneur persona and a masterful use of the free Facebook tools that can generate you income. There will be a lot of bonuses and some amazing interviews with people who have followed the desire of their heart and are cashing their passion! We cannot wait to see you and work together!

Също можете да се присъедините към тази програма чрез мобилното приложение.





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